Description of Men in Black II (2002)

Description~Kay (Jones) had returned to civilian life at the end of the first film (with no memory of his past life), while Jay (Smith) went on with the men in black. When evil alien Serleena (Boyle) takes the entire MiB hostage, lone escapee Jay must convince Kay to help him save the galaxy. So-so effort suffers from lackluster script and doesn't have the spark of the original, but is helped along by solid performances all around. There are plenty of amusing scenes, mostly provided by the supporting players. Warburton is funny as an early MiB washout, Shalhoub provides some instant energy, and the talking dog does yoeman's work. Should hold up better on the small screen.|

Date theatrical: July 3, 2002
Studio: Sony Pictures
ASIN: B00005JKZ3
EAN: 9780767882
UPC: 0433960782
ISBN: 0767882075