Description of Home Alone 3 (1997)

Main~A top-secret computer chip has been stolen from the U.S. Defense Department. The international criminals who expertly and ruthlessly engineered its heist are asking for untold millions of dollars on the Black Market. But the precious booty, hidden inside a toy car, has been temporarily misplaced. Its final destination: a comfortable Chicago suburb. Quietly taking up residence in the tree-lined neighborhood, the four highly trained spies marshal all their diabolical resources and skills to retrieve the device. Their state-of-the-art surveillance and ruthless strategy have foiled Interpol, the FBI, U.S. Defense Agents and the local police.|

Date theatrical: December 12, 1997
Studio: 20th Century Fox
ASIN: 6305168911
EAN: 9786305168
UPC: 0861620906
ISBN: 6305168911