Eye of the Dolphin (2007)

Description of Eye of the Dolphin (2007)

Product Description~Fourteen year old Alyssa (Schroeder) has been living with her Grandmother Lucy (Ross) since the death of her mother a year ago. It s been a tough year for both of them and Lucy decides it s time for Alyssa to go to the Bahamas to live with Hawk (Dunbar), dedicated dolphin researcher and the father she never knew she had. Alyssa s arrival on the island comes at a decisively inconvenient time for Hawk, who is busy fighting greedy politicians and experts who are determined to turn his research center into a tacky tourist attraction. It s a prickly relationship between Hawk and Alyssa, but Tamika (Adams), Hawks girlfriend, and Daniel (Harris), Tamika s father, smooth the way. Alyssa soon adjusts to island life and discovers the gift she shares with her father for communicating with dolphins, a skill which leads her into a powerful relationship with a wild dolphin which her father, for legitimate scientific reasons, cannot condone. But when the powers-that-be threaten to close down her father s research station, it is Alyssa and her wild friend who hold the key, and have the power to bring all parties together.|

Date theatrical: August 24, 2007
EAN: 0012233141
UPC: 0122331410
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