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Description~Sean (Adam Garcia), a small-town steelworker realizes a lifelong dream when he's invited to audition for a big city, dance show. hired, then fired for out-dancing and out-punching the show's star, he returns home only to find his girlfriend (Sophie Lee) in the arms of this brother. Now, with only the ramins of his dream to hold on to, he persuades his old tapping mates to form their own dance troupe, much to the embarrassment of his steel-working father. A smart blend of comedy, great dancing and natural energy, Bootmen is "a real pulse-raiser" (National News Syndicate) with a "rousing feel-good climax" (Daily Variety).| Perry's Tap Dogs is a different kind of tap-dance show, emphasizing rugged masculinity, driving rock music, and a set rooted in the Australian steel industry. Now Perry tells his own story in the 2000 autobiographical drama Bootmen. Anyone who saw the summer 2001 blockbuster Pearl Harbor will find a familiar plot: A reckless hotshot tests the patience of his mentor, but his undeniable talent lands him a rare work opportunity. He leaves behind his friends and his girl, and when he returns unexpectedly, he finds that his girl has taken up with his best friend. In this case, the hotshot is hoofer Sean (Adam Garcia, who cofounded the original Tap Dogs troupe and played the lead in the stage version of Saturday Night Fever), and the best friend is his brother, Mitchell (Sam Worthington), who had a one-night stand with his girl (Sophie Lee). Along the way, Sean decides to create his own dance troupe and put on a benefit show, which allows for elements of The Full Monty and Brassed Off (depressed industrial town needs a lift) and October Sky and Billy Elliot (father doesn't approve). OK, so the plot isn't any great shakes, but the dancing is terrific--flashy, hard-edged, and gritty, using steelworks machinery as props. If you're a fan of Tap Dogs, you'll enjoy this backstage look at the troupe, but if you're here just for the dancing, you might prefer to start with the original full-length show. --David Horiuchi|

Date theatrical: October 6, 2000
Studio: 20th Century Fox
ASIN: B0002B15TC
EAN: 0024543126
UPC: 0245431262
MPN: D2222624D