Description of Another 48 HRS. (1990)

Product Description~Slick jailbird reggie hits the street with sloppy policeman jack this time to nab a drug king. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 04/11/2006 Starring: Eddie Murphy Anthony Marshall Run time: 95 minutes Rating: R Director: Walter Hill| boys are back in town, but they're wearing their carbon-paper suits in this frantic but not nearly as funny sequel to the action-comedy hit. The first time around, the combination of Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte had the element of surprise going for it: Who expected these two to have chemistry? This time, chemistry is virtually all they have in a veritable rehash of the first film. What plot there is has to do with Nolte's needing Murphy (who is just out of jail) to help him clear his own name and save his job on the police force. Director Walter Hill is back in place, but this time the script is the work of action hack Jeb Stuart and the movie barely gives Murphy room to unleash his comic riffs; when he does, we're expecting them (though he's still entertaining). --Marshall Fine|

Date theatrical: June 8, 1990
Studio: Paramount
ASIN: B00000I1JZ
EAN: 0097363238
UPC: 0973632386
MPN: PARD323867