Description of American Psycho (2000)

Description~Based on Bret Easton Ellis' controversial 1991 novel, comes this dark story of a young Harvard graduate, Patrick Bateman, who has all the accoutrements of a young "master of the universe" -- from designer wardrobe to a killer apartment -- just like everyone else in his crowd. He desperately wants to fit in, yet, the terrible irony is the more he tries to be like every other money-drenched man on Wall Street, the more faceless he becomes -- and the less control he has over the urges that, ironically, make him feel like an individual. Bateman is a paragon of conformity in an amoral society where to conform is to be amoral. |

Date theatrical: April 14, 2000
Studio: Lions Gate
ASIN: B00008RV1L
EAN: 9781588177
UPC: 0313988309
ISBN: 1588177629