Description of Accepted (2006)

Product Description~When a high school burnout discovers hes been rejected from every college hes applied to he creates a fake university in order to fool his overzealous parents. Studio: Uni Dist Corp. (mca) Release Date: 02/05/2008 Starring: Justin Long Adam Herschman Run time: 93 minutes Rating: Pg13 Director: Steve Pink| Long has been hovering on the edges of movies like The Break-Up and Dodgeball, providing little comic bursts that are often funnier than the rest of the movie. In Accepted, Long plays Bartleby Gaines, a fast-talking slacker who, when he gets rejected by every college he applied to, invents a phony college to get his parents off his back. Unfortunately, the website his best friend creates is too effective--hundreds of other rejects apply and are accepted. Instead of revealing the hoax, Gaines decides to forge ahead and let the students create their own curriculum, little suspecting that their school is obstructing the expansion plans of the nearby snobbish college. Accepted is much better than you might expect, given the low bar set by most campus comedies; it aims for, and sometimes achieves, the blend of slapstick and social satire that Animal House embodied. Long proves to be a charming leading man without losing his quirky comic sense and the supporting cast is consistently entertaining, particularly stand-up comedian Lewis Black, who delivers a variety of sardonic rants about society. Accepted's critique of conformism is glib--you wish they'd given it a little more bite--but it's still valid and a pleasant sliver of substance in an otherwise vapid genre. --Bret Fetzer|

Date theatrical: August 18, 2006
Studio: Universal Studios
EAN: 0025192885
UPC: 0251928853